Nagging at me will bring out my wrath

I am a hot mess in the housework department. My poor self must deal with that along with Patrick. But now I am making an earnest effort to keep the floors shinning and decluttered and when I ask for Patrick for help he grumbles, curses, and acts all uppety and shit. I started the cleaning process and asked him to sweep for me while I mopped after and by the great aLord above it was as if I had wanted him to fold complexe origami. He made me cry as he looked at me through blood shot hateful eyes. FUCK THAT!! I am beyond feeling disrespected. I do not want to do shit for him now. No meals, cleaning, laundry, or “how the fuck was your day?”. After we cleaned he did not say thanks ….. instead he poined out spots I should redo. The Bitch in me is back. Be warned Patrick.

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