Welcome to Bipolar.Bits!

No two bipolar sufferers experience exactly the same symptoms … but we do share similarities — suicidal thoughts, feelings of uselessness, and those horrible cycles of mania and depression (which are so different for all of us). In many ways, the world views us, and wants to “deal with us,” as a single, simple “type” — a one-dimensional collection of symptoms and outcomes described in textbooks. It can be so frustrating to convey to those trying to help us that what we experience and what we perceive is totally unique to us as individuals. Bipolar.Bits is a place where sufferers are encouraged to share our personal experiences with our symptoms, with the treatments we have tried, and with our journey through all of this. Bipolar.Bits is also a place for families, loved ones, treatment providers and professionals to gain a better understanding of the actual experiences of “bipolars” — beyond the descriptions in textbooks and diagnostic manuals, beyond the second-hand stories and lore passed down in break-rooms and at conferences. This is a place for sharing, learning, expressing, and asking questions. Welcome!

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