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Weekly Photo Challenge; Color

  This week’s photo challenge is Color.  I mean that is the word.  It is colorful too though isn’t it?  Good thing since that is the challenge this week. I […]

Why I Live in the Now…

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So I kinda, sorta promised Le Clown I would share some of my deepest secrets from the vast reaches of my soul. However, I soon recognized the flaw in an otherwise perfect plan:

It's dark in my soul. Like, your-basement-when-the-light-burns-out-dark. I don't like going down there. And while I recognize the value of the whole "pain shared is pain halved" principle, I still don't feel the need to share the traumas of my past with all of you.

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What I wish my life looked like....but it doesn't.

Fun Friday: After Ever After

This is another video that’s gone viral, but I’m sure there’s some who haven’t seen it. If you’ve seen it you’ll probably want to see it again. This guy is amazingly talented.

23andme: A Few Surprises

Since getting my genetic drug sensitivity testing results, I’ve been fascinated with what genetics can tell me about how to …

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Frustration Overload

This is more of a question than a ramble — do you guys out there find yourselves so easily overloaded with frustration that you feel the need to lash out? Does it come incredibly easy, the frustration? I feel like I have been a lot better about reining it in and being more reasonable and ‘sane’ (sanity is subjective, ha ha), but it still catches me sometimes. I don’t know whether it’s a bipolar thing, per se, or an ADHD thing (I’m undiagnosed when it comes to ADD/ADHD, but I consider it highly probable that I have it).

I guess a little description of what I’m referring to above is in order. Imagine you’re trying to process some information. You’ve been looking at it off and on for some time, and have never been able to progress on it. It’s something you want to grok, but it’s just not sinking in. You try one thing, you try another, and it somehow becomes so complex that your brain rejects trying to process, and anyone trying to help you gets ripped a new one for trying to push that one last ‘helpful’ nugget of information on you. You know they’re just trying to be friendly and helpful, but because they can’t magically read your thoughts, they have no idea you’ve pushed past the point of things making sense and into the realm of ‘my brain is on fire and is making me stabby’.

This isn’t to say that neurotypical people don’t get frustrated. We all have similar emotional responses to things on a varying scale; that’s why you get those jerks who try to say that we’re all a little bipolar. Certainly, I acknowledge that normal people feel things too. But I would think that their entire brain and body doesn’t clench up and shut down over trying to process simple information. That’s actually one reason why I’d give bipolar some credit for the frustration overload — like many folks with bipolar, my lack of filtering means anything coming at me is face-punching brutal by default.

Anyways, this isn’t just a me thing, is it?


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A-Z Challenge; D is for Dumbing Down Mental Moment

Here we are again for the next letter in the A-Z April Blogging Challenge and the letter is D.   D stands for… Dumbing Down Huh? Exactly.  Although I am […]