Disjointed post…

It’s me. Just thought I would pop in since it has started getting a little dusty in here. :) I gave up Facebook for Lent, but then realized a couple days ago, I kind of need to keep blogging in my blogs.

I’m still med free, well, bipolar wise…. I’m still on meds for my other health issues. But I’m in a remission of sorts I suppose. Doing good. Although I have to say, after a couple of years, My body feels like a limb that has been asleep. You know how you get the pins and needles, and then they start to release and your body feels a chill, like you just bit into a peppermint patty? Yeah, that is how my mental state has been.

I’ve been super emotional lately.I attribute that to my menses. But the thought web I have…. It’s just insane! I have been reigning myself in, so at least I am realizing that my mind is getting a bit haywire.

I have always had the belief that I have gone through everything I have gone though in my life for a reason. And I stand firm by that. I know I’m supposed to help people. (Maybe it’s just the crazy talking…)

I’m still pissed that the person never contacted me back for that mental health volunteer position. I don’t do rejection well. What about you? Am I the only one that takes rejection super personal? I mean it’s like my soul is wounded, and I go crazy trying to figure out why I have been rejected, and then I get sad because i’m “no good”, and then I go back to being pissed again. I wish I was just one of those people who had a ‘fuck it’ attitude with that sort of thing.

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