I wont leave you all

I know I am slack with posting these days but it doesn’t mean I am not thinking about it. Every small accomplishment I make reminds me that I am right now a whole person. Living life with my man and my dog, family, friends, and this monkey on my back called bipolar disorder. Life is good. 🙂

I am in such a good place that my man and I are having a ball. On a whim I suggested we go to The Bass Pro Shop (we have never been) because Patrick wants to start fly fishing. Oh what a wonderful past time to have….I mean, have you ever seen a fly fisherman hanging out in an ugly location? But anyhow, here was a small miracle.

Are you ready….

We went to a new store, a HUGE store, and stayed for over an hour. I talked to new people, watched strangers pass by, and I hadn’t taken anxiety medicine AND no panic ever set in. Therapy and medicine help but also I am just in a good place. Okay so medicine plays a huge part in this. My mood stabilizer and anti psychotics along with an anti depressant are something I can’t live without. And you know what? I am at peace with that… for the moment.

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