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Whups (And a Small, Much Needed Rant)

I was doing some work on The Bipolar Blogger Network last night and knocked it offline – doh! Thankfully, my web hosting is awesome and helped me identify and repair the problem. So my apologies to anyone who follows the network and was confused. I also remembered to set up a webmaster(at) email for the domain, so that’s something.

Past that, I’m bemusedly waiting for this time of the year to pass. You know the time — the time where ‘everyone’ is convinced it’s the year they’ll win the weight lottery and magically become thin and happy. It makes me groan to watch otherwise intelligent people rush to put themselves on restrictive diets, or exercise regimes that they won’t actually keep, or both. I tried both of them… once. Both aggravate bipolar-related problems in pretty severe ways (obsession and depression especially), and not forcing myself to stick to it for the rest of my life in a so-called ‘lifestyle change’ meant that I gained extra weight for my troubles. Yeah… I’m definitely preferring to trust my body to do all the amazing things it does daily to keep me moving and breathing, rather than fret because I don’t fit into a stereotypical version of beauty that, frankly, is best left to no one.

That isn’t to degenerate anyone choosing to make any commitment to their health and diet, per se. As Ragan over at Dances With Fat says, we are all the boss of our own underpants. So if someone wants to exercise and count calories, then that’s their choice. I just needed to vent a tiny bit of steam, ’cause being in that place where I’m ‘supposed’ to want to shed ‘those last 5-10 pounds!’, I spend a lot of time rolling my eyes at all the self-hate swishing around in the guise of self-love. And of course, the usual government-trying-to-score-points bollocks of threatening to tax this and surgery that. It gets old.

Anyways, I feel much better for that! As said, do as you will, I’ll do as I will, and hopefully we can love each other and ourselves amidst all of that.


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