Refilled to late….delusions are here

I went on a 8 day trip to Austin TX recently and while there I ran out of my antipsychotic Abilify. It has now been 5 nights and 6 days without it but the pharmacy just messaged me that my script was ready. But Since I have been off of it I have felt a shroud lifting. But as it lifts it takes parts of my logic with it. For example, pull a metaphorical band aid made of Abilify off your hairy arm. When the sticky part is yanked off there are arm hairs stuck to it which to me are pieces of logic. Making sense?

Example….Last night at house I kept talking to Patrick because I thought he was in the home when My logical side recalled him leaving for work. So I looked through the house and was stupefied to realize he was not there. When he got home this morning…12 hours later, I felt as though only a couple of hours had passed and it was still night time. I told him I wanted to go out to dinner and he looked at me with concern. I said again that I was hungry and he said we could go get breakfast because it was 7am not pm. I had to go outside and see the location of the sun rising before I felt on cue with the right time.

Then I laid down with my man and he kissed me on the forehead and told me to take a nap since I didn’t sleep the night before. Before sleep set in I kept hearing my name so I finally asked Patrick to stop messing with me. He was not at ease with this at all. So I got out of bed and Patrick asked what I thought I was doing. I said I was going to eat something to which he responded” what mealtime” was it. I laughed and said lunch (crossing my fingers I was right) which i was.

I know I need to pick up the medicine and swallow a pill but I feel delirious. I am light headed, confused, tired, and fairly unsure if I really need Abilify or if my body became addicted to it?

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