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Like a Virus?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to explain to my driving instructor why telling me to calm down and slow down is counter-productive. While he is obviously neurotypical and means well, it is still rather annoying! Of course I know I should do things slower, but try telling my brain to cooperate with that when the default mode is more anxious than not! Finally today, I made a real breakthrough. I was explaining that places where I screw up, my brain shuts down and that is why I don’t respond in a timely and useful manner. He laughed and compared it to a computer virus, and I concurred. If one is going to make any sort of connection about dysfunctionality, that is worth celebrating to me.

I’ll add that even though the mistakes I made today were of a level where I wanted to cry (thanks brain, you’re a pal :p), he assured me that I’m still on track for my test next week. Fingers crossed he’s right, ha ha. I’m mainly feeling good about it… but I’ll feel even better when it’s done and I don’t have to worry about fekakkin’ manual transmissions again. *grins*

I’m also, on a related note, pleased to see a public movement here to end mental health discrimination:


I will concede that here in the UK, we have the advantage of very forthright celebrities talking about their mental health issues; while he’s not perfect, Stephen Fry being out with his cyclothymia means more people are willing to discuss and ask questions about the bipolar disorders. I would have been upfront and honest about it were I still in the States as well, but it is definitely ‘easier’ against a social backdrop more geared towards acceptance (instead of say, painting us as the real problem with guns… when no. *rolls eyes*). Something like one in four people will experience some sort of mental health issue in their lives, so why should anyone have to hide what is fairly common? I do understand that it’s hard to understand just how differently some of our brains work, but at least if we have and use the freedom to talk about it… then maybe we can make understanding the norm. I definitely don’t expect it to require special treatment towards me (and I am sure anyone with a mental health disorder would feel the same), but a little understanding all the way around is definitely a fantastic way to make society a better place.




yes, they have technology now so a doctor can tell if you take your meds or not…

But, is that ethical? Legal? Moral?

Original story is here .

Personally,the idea creeps me out. I also think it will be very cost prohibitive. And things like this are going to prevent a lot of people from getting help. (And don’t get me started on the nefarious purposes the government could and likely would-use technology of this nature for.)

I nearly had a brain bleed a few weeks back, after the incident at Sandy Hook elementary school and the NRA guy’s press conference declaring mentally ill people getting a hold of guns is the problem and the government needs more consistent access to one’s psychiatric records.


I have to sign ten different forms due to the privacy thing so my insurance company will pay for my psych bills…But now they’re calling for the okay for the government to just start dredging through ANYONE’S medical records if it mentions any word relating to mental illness of any kind. ????

Um, I know my state laws, even if I don’t like them. Once you’ve-willingly or not- signed into a psychiatric ward, you are placed on a registry of some sort prohibiting you from ever owning  a gun.

Now that’s invasive enough, though for the public good.

But again…How is it not a violation of my medical privacy rights to have my name in that registry just because I was under the care of a psychiatrist and had a bad reaction to a psych med thus was put into a psych hospital where he practiced. I don’t recall EVER being okay with releasing my records for that. I committed no crime against anyone other than almost dying from a medication reaction.

And yet..it’s automatic here.

So you’ve violated my rights…I can’t buy a gun.

Oh, wait. They’re selling assault rifles on the corner right now. So invading my privacy and putting me on a list only ENSURES I CAN’T LEGALLY ACCESS  A GUN.

Seriously, it’s easier to buy a gun on the street than to buy a pack of smokes. You need ID for that.


We have a nice registry of every single person who has ever sought treatment for depression or anxiety, and none of them can legally own a gun. Feel safe and sound now? Because if you do, you’re a fucking mor0n.

“Mental illness” is not a fucking synonym for “violent.”

And-here’s a nutsy kookoo thought…Since people with “psychiatric” hospitalizations can’t legally own a gun…Yet the 13 year old on the playground is selling them out of his backpack…


Yes, that’s a lot of profanity, and I am bent and probably being dramatic and ignorant.


I just can’t stand reading the news every single day watching as every ill in the world is blamed on people whose minds are wonky. Because truth be told, the wonky people aren’t the dangerous ones.

The ones who bottle everything up, the ones who seem so together, the ones who are fine upstanding sociopaths…

But by all means, let’s strip away the privacy rights of those with ANY mental condition “for the greater good.” Let’s invade their privacy, oh, wait, take this medication with a tracker, we’ll invade their bodies as well. They won’t even notice when eventually we have them all on societal lock down with no privacy and everyone monitoring them in every way simply because their brains function improperly or differently than the “norm.”

And after that, hey, old people take up space and resources and their ship has already sailed, so to speak…let’s just thin out the herd and deny them treatment so they will die and ease the world’s burden.

WAIT! What about people born with mental or physical disabilities? Their productivity is lesser and they cost money more than they generate it so let’s start weeding them out, too…

Sound crazy?

Seen Gattaca?

It’s started to happen and the sheeple are clueless.

Until the next new thing becomes an unacceptable social stigma, like brown eyes or blond hair or perhaps an IQ under 130.

I guess no one cares until it personally affects them.