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Call me Crazy, No, Really…

Often when I am writing and the subject of being not right in the head comes up, I will be happily clacking along the key board, tap tap tap tap [...]

Another Day Older

A day, a year, some amount of seconds, but today marks another cycle around the sun. I don’t really have any particular feelings about it — it is what is. I can add another number to my age, and indeed, have no qualms doing it — it is what is. Life goes on, I go on.

Of course, that’s definitely a place where depression can find to jack itself in and drive me downward. While I am doing pretty decent right now, it’s very common for depression to note my comfort at stability and try to panic about how nothing is happening or changing or different and how terrible is that (insert piles of ?!?! here). I find it somewhat amusing, insomuch that I crave stability and love placidity, but that’s life with a brain that’s out to get you, I guess. Not that it will today, seeing how one of the boons of the internet is that friends and acquaintances are well notified of birthdays via social networking, so one tends to get a good and thorough ego scritchin’. :D And I think all will agree we need some of that sometimes!

Anyways, not much more to add to that. And because it’s a day much like any other, but with the additional cake component, I shall return to my normal operations. :D


Mid-Life Friendships

A friend – inasmuch as we’ve had dinner together once and been following one another on Twitter for about 5 …

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