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Physical Distractions

Today, my body seems to be out to get me. One of my knees decided it was on strike, while the foot on the other leg is doing some weird things. Maybe I twisted funny in my sleep? I’ll tough it out and walk it out as I always do, but it bemuses me nonetheless. Then comes the menstrual cycle, which I will not explain in detail — it suffices to say that it is rather severe and even a bit horrifying to me. There’s a little bit of a headache, and one of my toenail beds feels like it needs some poking, if the bit of pain down there is any indication.

The upshot is that it does a great job silencing my brain. Now, I would definitely not seek out pain intentionally; I don’t like hurting any more than most people do. I was never a self-harmer in the cutting or self-injury sense — I instead relied on booze and drugs and the like to muffle the hateful sound my brain would make at me. It’s sad how common that is, but then, many societies would rather pretend that mental illnesses and the like don’t exist, but hey, drinking is social… right? Right? *shakes head*

But yeah, seeing how right now I don’t know if I’m coming up or down, I’m going to be thankful to every little thing, even grumping knees, if they keep my brain from finding things to be pissy about. There is a LOT of fodder out there right now, so… thank you, gimp knee and headache? *laughs*

Anyways, back to earning mah keep!



Life had settled into such a nice routine. Dull as they can be, routines really help me stay stable and …

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Edward Hotspur and the SQUEE!!!!

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Simple Views

Reblogged from rmott62:

This post is about the many ways that both pro-sex trade lobbyists and those who think they are allies with exited women, say simple concepts that are highly damaging and prevent a clear path to abolition.

There is the simple belief that being inside the sex trade is just a job like any other - sometimes this is slightly altered it a bad job, but it is a service that must be provided for men.

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Rebecca Mott says it all, about pro-sex-trade lobbyists and about the prostituted, and the societal attitudes that keep women enslaved, ignoring the voices of those who have managed to exit. A hard read, but an important one.