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In the Booth with Ruth – Michelle Sweeney, Anti-Human Trafficking Activist

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How did you become involved in the movement against human trafficking?

I was listening to a late night radio show one night in November 2011. I had never heard of human trafficking before and as I listened to the content of the show, I quickly found out that not only did human trafficking happen in our world today but that it happened in the city I lived in.

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Ruth Jacobs' interview with Michelle Sweeney, anti-human trafficking activist, gives us a roadmap for becoming activists against human trafficking and sex slavery.

Romantic Monday Platonic Style; A Boy and His Broccoli

Bubbsy Bansnoodle Won’t Eat His Broccoli, Unless It’s Properly Dressed. Bubbsy Banznoodle is sitting at the table He is looking positively forlorn He won’t smile or giggle, says he’s not able [...]

Near to the Knuckle: Vascular Surgery

I’m pleased to announce that my short work of dark, chilling medical horror fiction, Vascular Surgery, was published today in the noir fiction eZine, Near to the Knuckle.  It’s pretty scary.


I realized yesterday that I get most of this week off at home – yay! I think! I can’t decide if it’s good to have free time to veg, or if it’s going to mean that my brain will go overtime trying to find things to get pissy about. I’m going to hold to optimism and hope that it helps me ease back into normal workings, especially against how busy this month is turning out to be. Which… I know, isn’t terribly busy for many people, but for me, every single addition to the schedule is potentially the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I think it will be alright though, because a lot of it is social//outing type things, and those are usually less stressful than say… driving lessons or a pile of doctor’s appointments (though I do need to book two appointments and a dental check-up – sigh!).

Anyways, the continuing damp is continuing to make using my hands difficult, so I’m going to pootle off now.


Goodbye Old Girl

Mr. Chickadee took his 19-year-old cat for her final trip to the vet this weekend. She hadn’t eaten in a …

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