So, I walk into this bar with a Doctor, a Psychiatrist, and a Rabbi….

It’s been almost a month since my last post. (Holy shit that sounded like confession! LOL)

I have been having a multitude of issues as of late. Readers digest version: I got a new doc (family physician), I’m back on thyroid medication, was diagnosed AGAIN with Fibromyalgia, but this time folks, we are going to treat it! Doc asked if I felt my bipolar diagnosis was accurate.

*scratches head* Um? I think so? I mean unless there is something else wrong with me to make me act this way? Oh! My thyroid can do that? I head of that… Oh… Fibromyalgia too? Interesting…..

So this has apparently opened a whole NEW can of worms for me.

So, back to square one. What the fuck in my problem? Maybe I have Bipolar. Maybe I don’t. Fuck. And now every medical record I have is tainted with this diagnosis. So what if it is wrong, and I don’t really have it? Well, lets just worry about the here and now and deal with things as they happen. (that is me talking to myself folks…)

I go back next Monday to go over results (i have already seen them, but we will go over them face to face) and to also discuss medication for the fibro. THANK FUCKING JESUS! I have been in so much pain it is not even funny.

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