People are strange

I had a video the other day, tried uploading it twice, but it took too damn long. So, no video for you. :)

All I have to say is, everyone is an idiot but me. I don’t mean that really. I mean, you’re not an idiot. At least, I don’t think so… I mean the general populous has gone insane. Sometimes I wonder how I can seem to be the most mature person… It makes me so sick about my fellow Americans acting like sniveling children because their candidate didn’t win. Who the fuck cares? I mean, LET IT GO…. MOVE ON…. ACCEPT THINGS AS THEY ARE! No, they have all gone into Fight mode. People are doing some serious shit. It is leaving me speechless. People are saying that Obama supporters would be acting like this too if he had lost. Um no, I don’t think so… If anything I think the race card might be played, but that is it.

But the point of my blog today was not meant to be political.

I’ve had to take some Ativan here recently. Shit it just getting crazy here at the house. I’m losing my patience and my mind. And I have been having mixed episodes. But for the most part I have been upbeat and pleasant to be around. There are just some things that are grating on my nerves… But I can deal with them. I have faith in myself.

I’m looking for some good book recommendations if you have any? I like a variety of genres, so just start telling me about some good books you have read. Either recently or in the past.

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