Daily Archives: November 7, 2012

fuck me eyes

don’t take this the wrong way, but…

do you ever go out and feel like everyone there wants to have sex with you?

this happened to me a couple nights ago.  i was out with satan spawn, his woman, a friend, and friend’s brother.  i swear, three out of four wanted to bang me.

satan spawn is my ex of several years ago, and there is pretty much no question about him.  his woman is more of a womanizer than he is, and she tried to have sex with me in a hot tub incident last year.  in any case, i get the sense that it’s an open invite.  the guy friend, who used to want to have sex, now has a girl so he’s been on pretty good behavior lately.  his brother, however, was another story.  by the end of the night he was giving me a smoky stare and saying how gooooood it was to hang out with me.

then last night, i get a text from a lesbian back home who has explicitly stated her interest in both dating and sex (she just sent another text right now!).

and today, that student i mentioned in my last post was giving me winks and fuck me eyes every chance he got.

what the fuck?

this would all be great, except, no, no, no, no and NO.

and besides, i still miss my ex.  a lot.  :(   nothing like a broken heart to help me keep my pants on.