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Hypo, Maybe?

Hi folks!

I’m still alive and kicking, but I’ve been keeping rather busy. I might have mentioned it in the past, but my American driver’s license is no good over here; I’ve lived here too long. So I’m having to apply and test for a British one, and let me tell you — there’s a lot to digest. I’ve applied to take the theory part of the test week after next, so here’s hoping that goes well. I think I’ve got the relevant data crammed into my head, but there was a lot of translation between Englishes and thinking and all of that jazz.

Atop that, I have obviously gone out of my mind because I’ve decided to try to do NaNoWriMo this year. At the suggestion of one of my best friends, I’m putting the snowflake method into play. I’ve managed to make some progress in that regard and get some things scribbled down, but my brain has definitely hit some fatigue tonight. I’m not too worried about it, if only for the fact the fatigue is writing out things that I don’t think are really important and telling myself it’s okay to not do them. But I’ve also done a lot the last couple of days (I’m in step five), so now comes the balancing act of deciding if what I have is enough to go into a bit more outlining and framework. I think I want to think about what should go in chapters. Also, holy crap, chapters; I sure am getting fancy! I’ve got one story that has more than one chapter thus far, and part of the third is in the back of my head somewhere. So yanno, having material for one than two is sort of a big deal. Here’s hoping that I don’t fatigue because my fingers cannot get it out of my brain fast enough. I type really fast, anyone who has seen me would agree, but it’s still too slow for my brain!

You can also thank NaNo for me writing this too, because my brain is so fragged at trying to make things happen that writing other things seemed a good idea. *grins*

On the mental health front… well. I don’t think I’ve checked in specifically since my last appointment. We decided to up my Seroquel from 200mg to 300mg, which has been interesting. I’ve caught myself rage-angry a few times out of the blue, which I can guess is probably me not knowing where the safe zone was anymore. There’s patches of anxiety sticking out still, but I think that’s going to exist as long as there are more than one thing in the world. I was seeing a different doctor this time by luck of the draw or whatever, and he was agreeable to my suggesting it could be ADHD. They can’t diagnose it where I live anymore due to cutting back of services, so to get that checked, I’ll have to go into London (groan). I will though if I’m able to, ’cause I agree with him — if it’s anxiety, it would be treated one way. If it’s ADD or ADHD, that’s treated another way, and we don’t want to aggravate things. He was also amused at me and my ‘assertive’, because my version was wholly polite and pleasant instead of being nasty and demanding.

The docs did suggest it might be a good idea to postpone the trying for the next childling until I’m stabilized, and I’m inclined to agree with them. If I had known it was going to take this long this time, I sure as heck would not have resigned myself to my shitty whiny summer. So of course, my body is doing weird mid-month crampy spotty things… sigh.

Anyhoos, I am yawning, so I am going to go stare at my notebook for a few more minutes, and then consider crawling into bed with a book. Be well, all!


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