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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

There were sooooo many options for this week’s photo challenge, foreign. I travel a lot, so I have many images …

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Boys and Their Moms

On this day in the year 2000 I know exactly where I was and what I was doing. Laying on my back with my legs in the air screaming……; oh.. no I, wasn’t screaming oh.. I mean I might have and actually I wasn’t screaming it was more like Yea not what you are thinking … Continue reading


Reblogged from poemsandponderings:       The message of this poem is; in this life we all have a role, we are all “Something” and that we should embrace that purpose that we have been given, and do it in the best possible manner. We are not all destined for greatness or notoriety, but we can be great … Continue reading

the bulge

i just weighed myself.

big mistake.  the only time i want to see those digits is on a check, payable to moi.

good thing one of my new hobbies is going to the gym.  yeah, i went last night, instead of watching L&O or playing a puzzle game on my ps vita.  little did i know, that while i was doing squats and stretching, everyone behind me could see my fucking UNDERWEAR.  because i didn’t notice before i put them on that big dog A had chewed a nice doily pattern through the crotch.


in any case, i did a shopping trip today, finally.  i emailed myself my old low carb grocery list and went to town.  if all works as before, i can lose at least 15 of these nuisances in a month or two.  last year i did the same.  in one month, i lost 12 lbs.  or 16.  i can’t remember.  all i remember is looking fucking fantastic in an itty-bitty bikini.

a friend of mine told me that “people” said they thought i was anorexic back in february of this year, when i did this diet again before a trip to the Playboy mansion.  she told me, i look much healthier now…

yeah, if i want to be served up at thanksgiving dinner.