I hate crying

I really need to get to the doc and get some things sorted out. And I’m talking MD not the psych. I have been so fucking emotional. And it could be a number of things:

  • depression creeping in
  • menopause
  • sensitive/empathy problems
  • fear

As a general rule, I don’t watch political convention stuff… or anything at all political for that matter. I woke up today, and heard how wonderful Michelle Obama’s speach was at the democratic convention last night. So, I wanted to hear what she had to say. I hate crying. And I wasn’t crying because it was a sad speech. It just seems that when there is anything with high emotion, I fucking cry. It’s like my mind and body can not take the vibrations and it goes into overload and I cry. And I HATE it. This is why I don’t go to Mass anymore. I cry. And I look like an idiot crying in church.

I went searching for the speech in it’s entirety so I could watch it and not the CNN rendition which was snipped here and there to give only certain pieces of her speech.

So, I found it. And I started watching it, and I had to stop because I was crying so much. It was just like my heart was exploding. I don’t know how to turn this shit off. So… maybe I can watch it later when I’m feeling not so sensitive? UGH@!

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