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Meet Gracie and Bubbsy, They are Quite a Pair

Magpie and I have a Mother Daughter Journal that has things in it for mothers and daughters to do together, which I guess is what you would expect from a mother daughter activity journal thingy right? In many ways it is fun but in some a little uncomfortable.  I really didn’t want to tell her … Continue reading


I have five million listlessnesses today; it’s rather vexing. I’ve had a mainly productive day, mind, but I’ve had a very difficult time finding something that appealed for relaxation purposes. Part of me just wants to curl up and stare at the ceiling, which… that’s probably the least relaxing thing I can think of. And not only for the space it gives to racing//negative thoughts to get in; it’s just not my ideal of relaxing. I’m too much of a busybody even with my busybodying winnowed down to bits!

For the moment, it seems the one thing my brain agrees sounds vaguely fun is Diablo III. Which is great, ’cause I’ve not played it in a bit. I don’t know how long my brain will be happy with that, but I’ll take it for now. Just like I was grateful that it was down with reading this weekend — I can’t remember the last time I powered through a book a day!

Really though, I hope my head works past this crap, ’cause it’s getting old.

DBT Week 16

Finally, the last week (for me) of interpersonal effectiveness! I’m looking forward to having three weeks off from DBT, although …

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Magpie’s Treasure; The Creek

Time once again to see what Miss Magpie has to offer.  Following is a little story, by my understanding, took place when they were with their father this summer.  There are lots of creeks up that way and Magpie informs me that the proper pronunciation is crick. I have to laugh a little because she didn’t know what to … Continue reading

An Epic Day In My Life, With Le Clown

Le Clown just left the building. Finally, I can have a glass of Gewurtztraminer and try to tell the tale …

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IMpatiently waiting

My dad and his woman said they wanted to “abduct” Spook for one day this holiday weekend.

I waited 10 hours today for them to show up.

Walking on pins and needles.

Watching the clock.

Heart beating too fast.

Unable to focus or enjoy anything.

They finally showed up at a little after 7 pm.

They “borrowed” my baby for the night.

Ten minutes in, I missed her.

All day long, expecting them, my life on hold.

ll day, tip toeing on shards of glass.

Not merely impatient.



Wanting some space from my kid so I can clean house.

Missing her desperately ten minutes later

Welcome to my dysfunction.

Now just ready to zonk out and wait until she is brought back to me.

As long as it doesn’t mean me having to go to my dad’s and “celebrate” Labor day.


Anxiety really drains you.

I think I am ready for bed.

On a lighter note.

It’s funny, cos it’s true.