My youngest son is in dire need of a new mattress. The one he has now, is one we got from my friend, it was used, and through the years it has gotten worn. When I went up to make his bed one day, I noticed how dilapidated it was; springs poking through at the bottom, material ripped off… Time for a new mattress! So, I have been looking around, and wondering how in the hell we are going to buy a mattress…. So, I see a commercial last night, Sears is having a Labor Day sale! So, I went looking this morning at ther selection, and found the deals to be great! So, I find the one I want to get him, and confir with the husband to see if it is ok with him if I transfer a bit out of savings (We would still have a little over 2 grand in there). He says….

“Well, you can’t buy a car with two thousand dollars…”

What? Really? Did he just say that? We haven’t even gone LOOKING for cars to see what kind of deal we CAN get. His SON needs a mattress! I think I am pretty ok with spending less than 200 bucks (Yes, the mattress was originally almost 400 bucks, I got it for 175! AWESOME DEAL!) because at this point, that 200 hundred bucks wasn’t going to get us a car either.

I mean really! Yes, I need a car. But I am so used to sacrificing… I am a mother and everyone always comes before me. I don’t understand why he said that snarky remark (in an un-snarky way)

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