Daily Archives: August 26, 2012

Nothing Much

Outside of some mild anxiety a-lurking, the past day or two have been alright. The anxiety isn’t a lot of fun, since it’s basically trying to steal the little bit of resurgent energy and ‘do’ rising up in me… but I’m still doing my best to make the most of it. Granted, the most is my usual sitting around playing games and maybe doing a little something else, but at least that little something else also included a few minutes of exercise. So yanno… that’s good.

Anyways, back to that, and maybe a bit of crochet too.


Magpie’s Treasure; DeLight in This Child

A note dear Readers,  Miss Magpie was so excited about her debut post last week and mulled and stewed for this week  with a few starts and stops with ideas. This weekend was filed with activities for her, between parties church and Girl Scouts but more to the point, in the pool on Saturday Mr. … Continue reading