Finding my center….

I have so many things I want to discuss, but I can’t do it all in one blog orselse it will get really long, you’ll lose interest, leave, and never come back… :)

I need to make a vlog, and I will do that soon… maybe in 2 weeks. Then is when I will have the house to myself for a few hours.

Anyhow, I am kind of bent right now. My mother lied to me. Straight to my face lied to me. And she lied to my daughter too. And It is one of those lies that isn’t meant to hurt someone, but a mother type lie, one that will make you do what is wanted because you feel guilt.

My sister called to tip me off of what was going down. And then my daughter called me last night and told me what my mother said to her. Which was similar yet different to what I was told by my sister.

Then I spoke to my mother today, who told me what she said, which was similar to what my daughter told me, but different from what my sister told me.

It’s really lame. And I think that is why it makes me so mad. My sister knows whats going on. And I know this makes sense to no one other than me, so I guess at this point I’m just venting. But really, why do people lie about the stupidest things? And clearly, I am so good at playing the “I am perfectly SANE” card, that no one gives to shits about how all of this makes ME feel. But I guess I’m just being selfish to expect anyone to take MY feelings into consideration.

So, I need to find my center. Because this, and a few other things are really bugging me. Like, really bad.  And I would just feel so much better if I could kick the ever-loving-shit out of someone. No one in particular, anyone will do.

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