Daily Archives: August 7, 2012


The last day or two, insomnia has snuck back in. Oh, I’m getting to sleep in fairly good order compliments of the Seroquel, but I’m not tired or sleepy. Which makes it very hard for my brain to switch into shut off mode; I find I’m reading until rather late (yay reading!). But it’s pushed me from where I thought I might be seeing a turnaround in the depression situation because of being not so dead in the morning back into being sad and extra-worn. I know, I know — bipolar and depression don’t work on in a linear fashion, but that doesn’t make me less at peace with going back down.

Still, I should be mindful of where I am in my monthly cycle thing; this is the time where I am normally hit with bonus depression due to influx of hormones (even if that was off-kilter and in the wrong place last month). It also doesn’t help that the weather is making me really woozy, though that could also be whatever the most recent cold or stomach bug going around the family is. I always feel like I’m ill here, ha ha; I didn’t used to be this ‘sick’ in the States! I guess it’s just my immune system still trying to process through all the myriad and different germs/pollens/spores/etc.

Anyways, suffices to say that I am wary at this time, and hoping that I can continue to drag along towards decent.


Take Note, Mental or Otherwise- Mental Moment Break

  Just a quick note to let you all know that there will not be any Mental Moments for the Week of whatever this week is.  (see how I made it so I can reuse this announcement at a later date – down the road.? cool huh?)           Don’t fret, they … Continue reading