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why getting in a car with some one who irritates me, for the purpose of a favor they don’t deserve is good use of my time, and other fish (mouse) stories

Well?  Is anyone gonna give me a hint?  You think I was gonna tell you why? Hahahahaha..  no no no I need a good reason why I should. And to be clear for those of you who are getting a little chuckle thinking what you are thinking… not THAT kind of favor.., I mean there … Continue reading

Getting Ahead of Myself

I found out after posting yesterday, but before we left the house, that my husband had completely planned for us to come back  home for a few hours to chill out. I was relieved; kicking back and watching the first half of The Two Towers is a fine and dandy interlude. But still, I’m proud of myself for pushing past depression and meh to tell myself that I could totally handle a full day out if I had to. It was probably a total lie, especially considering I felt the need to give myself a tiny extra dose of Seroquel the night before to cope with stress and upset (I take 200mg daily; I had some spare 25mgs around, so I took one as a top-up). And in that, my husband knows me better than I do. I’ll buckle down and try to tough through and will inevitably make things worse, where he can take advantage of his outsider view to nudge me towards a more reasonable approach to things.

With that in mind, we did have a great time yesterday. Barring the weird stifling heat inside every establishment we entered in town (we blamed the humidity and ambient temperature), we had a nice lunch and did a bit of shopping for our first jag, and some Subway and crafting for our second. We had a good night of rest, and are feeling pretty good today. Which is useful, as our tiny vacation being over brings us back in contact with our molar-bearing toddler. Mmm, so much screaming, but then, I guess I would be too in that sort of physical agony!

So anyways, hooray for wise spouses, and hooray for feeling a bit refreshed after our break.


DBT Week 11

I was glad on Monday that I had missed the prior week of DBT, because we’re still reviewing mindfulness. And …

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This Space Intentionally Unoccupied (your mental moment)

Just Space to think, dream and reflect., no noise or distractions.         To your Mental State, Whatever it may be….   shhhhh…   Lizzie   Tagged: bipolar mind, blank space, calm, distractions, impressions, Mental Health, mental illness, mental moment, midafternoon intermission, peace, Philosophy, random, running with scissors, think