So, here we are, on vacation. I’m having a nice time, relaxing, enjoying my family.  Not even having any stress. I read a couple things today that kind of upset me (untruths that were being told about me by my daughter and other assorted rubbish) and I decided I’m not going to let it ruin my time. I am hurt. I am upset. And I want to say something to her, but…. I’m walking a fine line of privacy.

Didn’t go to the beach today, because I was having a little belly ache… (If I don’t have enough protein in the morning, I get a belly ache) so I stayed home and played Words with Friends with my oldest son while everyone else went to the beach. And apparently, that was too much for me, because I got really tired and had to take a nap. But that is how it goes these days…. I have good days and bad days…. and I guess today was just a bad day.

I have been getting along well with sleep. I did have to take a lunesta the first night we were here. But as always while we are here, cocktails with dinner. The second night (or was it the first??) I had 2 delicious glasses of wine (pictured above).  My husband and I got my mother in law a Wine of the Month club membership and this was one of them.  Last night they  had red wine and I don’t do red wine, it gives me a headache. So, I had my “slushies” (frozen dacquiri’s).

Found out the day before we were leaving that my aunt has a mass on her overies most likely cancerous. And my family is so weird, its like if someone has something, it spreads like whild fire, and you HAVE to go get checked because EVERYTHING is hereditary…. I mean yes, I know that this could be serious. And really that she even still has her ovaries at her age is saying something for my family; everyone has had hysterectomies.  I must get my female stuff from my dads side, because luckily, I don’t have any female problems. But, I digress….

So, that is that. Just wanted to check in with everyone, let them know I’m alive….

edit: I should note that everyone that wanted to meet up with me has plans. so, no seeing friends or cousins on my side of the family.

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