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We all need Recess, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

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Too Much of a Thing

One thing that I’ve done my best to apply for the sake of my personal sanity is moderation. I don’t go out too often, I do my best to force myself to engage in things vaguely resembling relaxation, and I’m not one to drive into food and beverage. So now that I let myself get a little out of hand with tasty good and masses of soda, my stomach is reminding me most concisely why one shouldn’t overdo it. *glares at cranky stomach*

Of course, that sort of overindulgence tends to make its effects on a person well known in short order. Other cases of overdoing, however… it’s easy to miss it. Working too hard? That’s what we’re all ‘supposed’ to do; pull up another shoulder boulder already. Too much fun? Impossible! Yet one can get obsessive to the point of excluding the rest of one’s life; this is why me, my frugality, and my addictive personality avoid pay-to-play games. I’m bad enough in this regard, if only for the fact that it shoves me into a protective bubble. The idea is only sound because it’s meant as self-preservation, but really, it’s teaching oneself bad avoidant habits.

Anyways, this is just me chiding myself to not get too crazy, even if there’s an urge to go overboard in random ways.  I figure if I ‘write’ it down, it’ll help remind me to think a bit more before I do something that hurts me more than an upset stomach!


To Do List

I’m a compulsive list-maker. I have a to-do list for every day, week, and month. I even have a fanciful …

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