Shadow Man

Bit of jumping on the bandwagon going on here I’m afraid. Have just come across a great theme this week being developed by two very interesting bloggers I discovered this week, Cardinal Guzman and Richard Guest, who are marrying their own images with the titles of David Bowie songs.

Now whilst I can’t begin to compete with Cardinal & Richard’s photographic talents, I do have a fondness for Dame David verging on the obsessive, and couldn’t resist putting my oar in with this iPhone image I caught the other day (and yes, it was on the same day I got the profile picture I’m using at the moment).

Anyway, here are the lyrics from David Bowie’s Shadow Man – an outtake from 1971 released on the Shadow Man bootleg CD. Maybe I’m biased, but I think there’s something about the lyrics and the image that fit quite well.

(Oh yes, and at least the image has got something to do with walking!)

There’s a man back a-ways
Who believes at where he is
And there’s a girl
Up ahead who says she knows
And the street overflows
With the folk who understand
But for the guy who can’t be seen
He’s the Shadow Man
And the Shadow Man is close at hand
Take a turn and see his smile
Made of nothing but loneliness
Just take a walk and be a friend
To the Shadow Man
You can call him Joe,
you can call him Sam
You should call and see who answers
For he promises to come running,
guided by the truth
But the Shadow Man is really you
Look in his eyes
and see your reflection
Look to the stars and see his eyes
He’ll show you tomorrow,
he’ll show you the sorrows
Of what you did today
You can call him foe,
you can call him friend
You should call and see who answers
For he knows your eyes
are drawn to the road ahead

And the Shadow Man
is waiting round the bend
Oh, the Shadow Man
Ohooooo oooo
Shadow man, shadow man
It’s really you, it’s really you, it’s really you
He’s the shadow man
Oh yeah
Shadow man

Shadow Man
Is waiting up ahead
Shadow Man
Waiting up ahead
Is waiting up ahead

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