I’m alive!

I haven’t been here for a couple days… I’ve been busy with life. Didn’t go to the Casino yesterday, we had to cancel. I spent the night with my bestie on Saturday night to help take care of her a bit. She goes back to work today, I hope she is up for it.

Got an early birthday gift yesterday! A kindle Fire! OMG that this is amazingly awesome! Tomorrow is the big day though… the big 4-0! I decided to not go out for dinner, and to just try to find some kind of caramel cheese cake to celebrate…. but that may change… I do have bipolar after all! LOL 

Just heard word last night that my husbands grandmother has passed away. I really don’t understand his mothers family…. I don’t understand his mother…. If it were my family, my sister and I would have been kept up to date on grandma’s progress (well, we were kept up to date) and we would have been notified immediately when she had passed, with details… (well, we were!) But my husband just got a email from his dad saying that his grandmother had passed, and that was all the details he had…) It’s day 2 now, and my husband has not received any more information. He doesn’t seem to be too bothered by this, and he is still trying to process that she is gone, but I think he might be able to start to process things, if he knew what happened. All we knew is that she suffered from Alzheimer’s. We were never told of her being sickly in any other way… I am kind of upset for my husband. That he is being left out in the dark and all….. But I guess in the end it isn’t really “my” problem? Ugh, I dunno….

Today is going to be hotter than Hades here… a high of 95 and it’s going to be humid too…. I want to get my coffee down, and get some breakfast so I can get out and do a bit of yard work or take the girl child to the park that you can drive to… LOL Hell, maybe I will take her out to McDonalds too!

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