Busy,Busy, Busy!

I am still on the high side, though not as much as I was…….still it is Awesome!!! I have been keeping very busy with a new daily workout & hike. It is strenuous sometimes, but I feel sooooo good afterwards, and my energy level is up, up up! I feel so good physically that I have not noticed anything mentally wrong, except that I may be getting a bit obsessive about the exercise……it is almost like a drug that I cannot get enough of! And it’s a drug that I don’t hate taking.

I am getting along better with others as well, being fit puts me in a very positive mood. My Husband says that I am nicer to be around, which is a complete reversal from what he was saying 5 weeks ago. I have come to the conclusion that I just need to focus on my own happiness, for when I do that, I don’t constantly feel like I have to be sorry or feel sorry about everything [which is what happens alot with me]…….and I have decided that pursuing my own happiness is very important, in fact I feel that everyone needs to try and make themselves happy. It makes people so much nicer to be around!

I have seen some super freaky bugs lately……during the Green[wet] Season many different things bloom and many different bugs come out. I take pix, and I really should post some, they are surreal. As are the flowers and trees, so many different flowering trees and shrubs surround us down here in CR.

Thanks to all who have signed up to the Forum, I look forward to reading some posts that are not my own!


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