Golden Afternoon

Wow, it’s almost noon!

First some awesome news! I got an award! :)

I will be keeping an eye on your blogs to see who I can pay it forward to. :)

Now for an update of sorts….

It looks like my birthday at the casino will have to be canceled… there is like a 95% chance this will happen. My bestie is coming home from the hospital today, and I will be going to spend the night with her tonight. But, Apparently she is not to drive because she is on percocets.  I don’t drive unless it’s here in my town, because we have a van (and she has a small SUV) and I have horrible blind spots and am paranoid that I will get in a wreck. And besides that, I have no idea where this place is, and I don’t do GPS well. I told her sister I was going to cancel, and well, she is letting me tell my girl about my decision…. This is going to be a fight! LOL Really, it is, hopefully I will win and my friend can worry about healing and getting on the mend instead of making me happy by doing my birthday shindig. Because really, by going at this point, would not bring me much pleasure… I would be too worried that she was not comfortable or in pain and not telling me about it. I remember when I got my galbladder removed, It took me about a week before I even felt some resemblance of better… But I was also taking care of 4 kids so…. we will see.

Now here is a topic for you!


A high school friend of mine posted on her facebook about what do you do when you don’t have anything planned for the day? I immediately got to thinking… If I don’t have things planned out, I am no good. I feel very vulnerable and erratic.  Not safe at all. How do you guys feel if you have nothing planned? Do you take it as relaxation? Or are you like me and freak out?

I used to be very easy going, and go with the flow… That is the California lifestyle in me… But I have found that since being diagnosed, I need routine, I need structure in order to feel ok. It’s like a cozy blanket being wrapped around me.

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