Things have settled down a bit… I had to take an Ativan yesterday because I was having pain in my chest. Residuals from my anxiety this past weekend I’m sure. But just to be on the safe side, I didn’t work out. :)

So, my bestie calls me yesterday, before noon, so I knew something was up… She was calling from the HOSPITAL! In for her gallbladder and pancreatitis.  Of course, she drove herself. LOL! While on Vicodin! But I guess when your having an attack, and it won’t go away, you just gotta go…. I remember I let my gallbladder bother me for a year, until one day I couldn’t take it any more…. But I digress…

We have plans to go away on Monday to a casino/resort, for my 40th birthday. (My birthday is on Wednesday the 20th, but she has to work that night) So as of the last time I spoke with her, they were putting her on a liquid diet for 24 hours, and if her pancreas calmed down, they were going to go in on Friday and take her gallbladder out. Then she would be free to go home after surg. on Friday. And good to go back to work on Saturday provided she did no lifting and what not. But, Murphy is not her friend, and he likes to make things difficult for her. She said no matter what she was leaving on Sunday if she was still in the hospital. I told her to just get better.


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