Bigger and Better things!

I’m so over this past weekend. Apparently he only has a problem drinking when he is at home… He is ok to drink at parties… SMH whatever…. So much like everything else, this gets swept under the rug.

My daughter called today… The 18 year old. She wanted money for her therapy appointment. Which is funny, because she wanted money last week for her therapy appointment too. I don’t mind helping out here and there, but we can not financially afford to put her through therapy. (Hello! Why is it that I don’t go anymore and I’m not on meds??? Oh yeah, can’t afford it.) She left of her own free will BEFORE she even graduated, because life here sucked so bad apparently. (You know teens) As far as I am concerned, once she left, that was her statement to us that she didn’t need us to take care of her anymore. And lets not even get started with the braces… 

But enough about MY drama… LOL

How am I doing? BP wise I’m ok, aside from the fact I had to take some Ativan on Sunday. I was tired as hell today. Didn’t even do my treadmill or go for a walk. I have GOT to go get my labs done to see how my chemistry is and lets try to fix one thing at a time….

Going out to dinner tomorrow with the family. Should be fun.

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