Don’t Piss Off The Crazy Lady


My husband went to a college graduation party…. with the kids. It’s not a “kegger” or a frat party, just his friends wife graduated. And there is a long sorted story there… But the point is, the kids are with him. He has been gone since 4 and it is now a little after 11. My kids… which includes a 5 year old that turns into Medusa when she is tired. He told me he would be home between 9 and 10. And like I said, it is now 11. And what makes me even more mad? He is NOT answering my texts. So, I have had to text my 13 year old to see how the 5 year old is… and all I got back was “Fine”.

I really hope he has not been drinking. Because these people like to drink. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but… the hubby just confessed to realizing he has a drinking problem on Friday. Which is something we all have been telling him, but you know, you have to figure it out yourself… And I am glad he admited his problem. But… he is at a party, not answering my texts, with my kids, at going on 11:30 at night when he told me he was going to be home between 9 and 10.

You would think after all these years together, he would realizie you don’t want to piss me off? Pissing me off does bad things. Like, I get no sleep. Which triggers the mania… which is just fucking bad. But he can’t see my brain wrapped up in an ace bandage or a cast or halo or anything VISIBLE so I am perfectly fine.

Not to mention, I can NOT STAND when people do not answer my texts…. I’m not going to bother calling because you won’t answer, so at least answer my fucking text with a “sorry” or something.

So, somewhere along the way he thought it would  be cool to piss off the lady who has Bipolar. Who is NOT on medication. What the fuck is wrong with him???

And what the hell is wrong with me that I get this pissed? Oh yeah, Bipolar! But I want to control this. I want to let this go. But irritability turns into rage… It’s one or the other… there is no middle ground and it fucking sucks.

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