I lost….

I have been fighting so hard to keep motivated today. I’ve done dishes, put dinner in the crock pot for tonight, cleaned the living room, vaccumed, and played referee with the kids. My day started off crappy because my oldest daughter called me to see if my husband had a polo that her b/f could wear to work because he couldn’t find his. FM! That was at 7:30 this morning… And of course all of that brought on some chaos, because you don’t wake up a person with BP in the a.m. when they can’t sleep, to ask a stupid question like that…. But I digress….

I fought the whole idea that I was going to be in a pissy mood today. I let it go and carried on… But I hit the “I don’t give a fuck” wall… and I just want to go to bed, hide under the covers, and pray that my kids will behave for the rest of the day.

Me – 0, BP – 1 

yep… I lost today.

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