Working on that brain chemistry

Yesterday, for the first time in nearly a year, I went for a run. A very slow one, because the last thing I want to do is to mess up some ligament or joint immediately, giving myself yet another convenient excuse to stop exercising again for months. 

Well, it was wonderful. There really is no other sport which gives me this feeling of deep cerebral relaxation like the slow, rhythmic falling of my feet on the road. I tend to forget it after some time, but as soon as I try it out, it comes back. I really hope I´ll be able to run again at least twice a week now, I am sure this will go a long way towards mental and physical balance.

In other news, I am sleeping quite well, without any kind of medication. Not more than 6 hours a night, but that is enough, really. Physical exercise (walking, cycling and work in my field, other than the running) nearly every day is sure helping a lot for that. 

 As for the emotions, I continue having these moments where tears are threatening to break out in the most inconvenient moments (and for really weird reasons too) but usually taking a deep breath everything goes back to normal. Same as for short feelings of anger, also readily calmed down with regular, deep breathing. The secret lies just in REMEMBERING these deep breaths 😀

I feel generally motivated and full of purpose, but not manic, at least not perceptibly. I do worry a bit more about stuff than while on medication, but on the positive side, I am also more inclined to DO something about the things I am worried about. Not enough, but something. Little steps.  

And I have been writing REGULARLY on that crime novel. Not enormous amounts, but steadily something every day. Way to go 🙂

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