A few nights of decent sleep, and I feel quite good. It was really an unfortunate combination last week of getting my period after 3 months, stopping the medication, not sleeping enough, having lots of work to do and lots of sensory and emotional overload, all together. No wonder I was antsy and angsty and moody. 

I haven´t had any “anger attack” over the last days, not even close. I´m not worrying more about stuff than I did while still on the medication. 

And I feel generally serene and optimistic. What more can I ask for? 

I am sure a big part of this, other than to enough sleep, is also due to physical exercise. Over the last days I have been walking, cycling and doing quite heavy agricultural work (hoeing and planting and weeding, that kind of stuff) nearly daily. Outside. I´d love also to go running, but am afraid my joints will suffer under my weight. Still, might try it out soon, I remember very well that back in 1999 when I went off the Paxil, I ran every other day for an hour, and I really didn´t feel the withdrawal at all. Running kept me sane and healthy for many years, it was only when I started to put on weight and couldn´t run any more that my brain went off the road again. 

I really hope things continue this way, that would be wonderful. 

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