Stress is not your friend when you live with bipolar. Hell, stress is no one’s friend really. But stress is a horrible trigger. Depending on which way you swing, it is either going to make you depressed, or it is going to make you manic/hypo-manic.

I’m dealing with  a lot of stress right now. I seem to be doing ok for the most part. I keep telling myself to slow down and not to overwork myself. But it’s crunch time now. I’m having a graduation party for my daughter this Friday. It is a very small gathering; 13 people. It’s just family and a close friend. And I really shouldn’t be so stressed about stuff, but I am. I mean, I don’t have anyone to impress, but I want things to be nice. The weather is going to be in the high 80′s that day. And due to the fact that we just got new furniture, we are holding the festivities outside. Well, That is tentative because we have a lot of wasps that fly around when it is hot out. Seriously, I keep 2 cans of wasp spray in the house at all times!

My sleep is not so hot lately. Which bugs me. I think it is time to start popping the melatonin again and drinking the bedtime tea. See, my history is that I am a tough person to get to sleep. I have been on numerous sleep medications and antipsychotics, and nothing would knock me out. I finally found stuff other than medications that would help me sleep, did some experiments to find other things that would help me sleep. My regimen is Yogi brand Bedtime Tea and Natrol brand Advanced Melatonin Plus fast dissolve tabs. I haven’t touched the stuff in like a month or so, but it appears that now the stress is induced, I need to start my regimen again…. Because it is summer, and I sleep for shit then anyway… but stress plus summer can equal mania… And I don’t want mania. There was a time when I preferred mania, but I’m not interested right now.

And now, I have so much crap running through my mind that I can’t think og what else I wanted to blog about, so I guess I’ll be back later when my mind is a bit clearer. But for now, I will pose a question, and please, feel free to answer…

What do you do to help your stress level? How do you relax?

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