Hot,Humid & Rainy!

We arrived back here in CR last night after our long weekend in Panama. I was so very surprised with Panama city……it is very large, modern & clean! Not one speck of trash was to be seen, they even had some street cleaners out. And the Bay & Canal were very cool to see, so many large ships waiting and coming through it. Unfortunately it rained the whole time we were there, so we didn’t get to do as much sightseeing as we would have liked, but we did get to go shopping. They have some amazing shopping there, upscale malls and regular type as well. I was not prepared for all of the new construction and the very amazing skyscrapers that dot the city, and many of them had ocean views. Our hotel was only 3 blocks from the Bay of Panama, and it is very pretty. There are some very exclusive hotels that are right at the beach, further away from the bridge & the mouth of the Canal, they have private beaches and are all very lovely. I would like to go back to Panama and do some more exploring, the City has a really great vibe about it, and the people are reserved, but friendly once you get them talking. The one thing I was not prepared for was how Hot & Humid it was! I live in the Tropics, but Costa Rica has much nicer weather, especially where I live……our town was named by National Geographic as having the best climate in the world, and after visiting other places here in the tropics, they are so right!!! I do love the heat, and the humidity gave the whole place a sultry sort of feel, so it wasn’t awful. I love wearing sundresses and light skimpy whispery clothing, so I wasn’t too bothered, and my Husband and Son didn’t seem to mind it that much, it was just a different kind of heat for us. They have excellent Beer there, Balboa Beer, and the brewery was opened in 1910? It was incredibly refreshing, I admit to drinking quite a few over the long weekend, and our son just loves fresh Pineapple juice, so we were all able to get refreshed and happy.

I am glad to be back in CR though, it is so peaceful after the hustle & bustle of the Big City, and our son was very happy to go back to his Little School. He just loves School, and his Spanish is getting really good! I am so happy that we were able to find a great Private Bilingual School right in our neighborhood, and it is worth every penny when you ask your child every day when you pick him up from School how his day was and his answer is always “Great!”  Man. I just love it here, and so does my family. Pura Vida!

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