Welcome to the Bipolar Type 2 blog….

Hello and welcome!

I decided to start up a BP2 blog. Why you ask? Well, the board that I helped admin was recently switched to a blog of sorts and I found that I didn’t really have any place to talk about my issues anymore.  So, I just decided to start this blog. I was thinking about a message board, but am kind of torn. So, I think we will just see how things go here, and if I have enough followers after time, maybe I’ll kick start a new message board.

So, I have BP2. Was diagnosed about 8 years ago. I was on a slew of meds and now I am med free for the most part. I take the occasional Ativan when I feel like I’m going to blow my stack. I don’t go to therapy anymore either. But just because I don’t take meds anymore, or don’t go to therapy anymore, doesn’t mean my BP has gone, because it hasn’t. I’ve only been off  meds for about a year. And I went off of meds for a number of reasons… It was kind of a cluster of guilt, shame, lack of funds to support my medical needs both psychologically and physically. Last time I was at the family physician (which was about a year ago as well), I had a bad liver, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, tested positive for lupus, have arthritis in my lower back. All of that on top of the BP was just too much for me to take on. I had to do something, so going off of everything was what I did.

That is not to say that I advise anyone to do what I did, because I don’t. I just kind of didn’t have a choice. And everything is going ok. I haven’t had a major melt down as of yet.

But I still need someplace to vent and share my experiences, so this place is here now. I don’t know how often I will be posting, so I guess just keep an eye on this place. :)


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