Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Just Passing the Time

Allo, dear reading people!

Alas, I continue to have a dearth of insightful interesting things to share – so it goes. For the moment, I’m just sort of in waiting mode. I’m waiting for the little get together I’m throwing next weekend, I’m waiting to find out what’s going on with my body, I’m waiting to talk to accountant folk about tax-y things. I don’t mind the waiting; as I’ve said before in recent days, my anxiety is low enough that I am fairly peaceful about all of this. Which, of course, I continue to celebrate and revel in because I should. It’s a reward for making progress on not feeding the troll in my head that wants me to fixate and freak out about Things™®. Granted, I must concede that this continues to remain fairly easy because I’m in this crazy golden period of stability, but hey – one has to be able to conquer the ‘bad’ things at full strength before one is more confident about going in fists swinging when mentally undermanned. There’s nothing wrong with recognizing our victories; even if others cannot understand why because they are mentally fit, we deserve to pat ourselves on the back for our victories as they improve our lives. We’ll be fighting these battles for the rest of our lives, so we emphatically need to celebrate when we manage to hold the high ground.

So I will – and it’s pretty darn nice up here above the normal scrum that is the ‘workings’ of my poor mental state. ;)


[[radio edit]] Oh man, how did I miss this?!

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness day, and Your Mind Your Body is/was hosting a blog party. Man, I’ve seriously been trying to find a good place to see other mental health bloggers, so it’s nice to discover this (and only two days late at that!). Even if I’m late to the party, I’m quite happy to slap on the image and a link because having access to other bloggers and their thoughts is kind of important in the battle for better mental health. While non-ill can and do manage credible love and support, they cannot truly understand the battle that we’re waging in our head. So y’know, click through those who have been taking part, see if you see anything new and interesting, and y’know… expand your mind regardless. I will be bookmarking it and picking through it later when I have more time, ’cause if there’s one thing I really need, it is to find new people to read and relate to (and, I guess, to ‘network’ with… whatever that really means xD).