Long Weekend


Tomorrow we are going away for a long weekend. We have to take 4 long weekends per year to satisfy our Visa requirements. It’s kind of fun, we always try to go to a different place. We usually make at least one trip to Florida, for fun, shopping and I have some older relatives there.  This weekend we are going to Panama to see the Canal and the Caribbean Beaches. They are supposed to have pretty good shopping there, from high end like Prada to just regular Gap stuff. They use the US$ so that is very convenient as we can get US$ out of ATM’s here in CR.  I am excited about the trip, it is only a little over an hour on a smaller Jet. I am not a great flyer and I should be, We have taken our Son on 15 flights so far, and I traveled a lot when I was younger. I usually have a drink on the plane, always a Bloody Mary or 2, depending on the length of the flight.

Now for me, excitement can make me swing either way up and happy, with my feet not quite touching the ground, or frantic and angry, trying to get everything done and hoping that we do not have any problems at the airport. Our Son is a great traveler, so I don’t need to worry about him, and everything seems ok with me so far, I am not overly anxious and I do love to travel & see new places, so I think all will be well, it’s just a matter of packing up suitcases and making sure our dogsitter/house sitter makes it here. And then getting to the airport tomorrow. It should all be easy. So why do I feel just a bit nervous? Is it the excitement? Or something else? Maybe I need to breathe in some Lavender & maybe do some meditating. If that fails, some exercise and if that fails, then it’s time for Valium!


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