Yikes! A Tarantula in the Pool?!

I woke up this morning at 6am-ish and opened up the curtains and the windows and welcomed the morning. I went outside and checked out the day, [it’s cloudy today] and as I was having my Tea I see my Husband with a Rake and he was standing by the pool. A Rake by the Pool? Hmmmmm. Curiosity got the better of me and I said, “what’s with the Rake?” He said “Oh, just a Tarantula in the Pool……they float, you know.”  Oh, Lovely. I didn’t know that they could float. He got it out and sort of tossed it back into the jungle-woods.

Oh Man. When my Mum came here to CR to visit this past January, I was the first person awake every AM and it was like the 3rd day of her stay and I went outside to turn off some outdoor lights, I walked out my front door and went out, and as I was returning I see a HUGE Tarantula next to the house, near the front door and I said “Holy!” And I thought, how the fuck did I NOT see that thing when I first came out the door?! So, I wake up my Husband and whisper that there is a huge Tarantula by the front door and could he please remove it so  as not to upset my Mother and possibly our Son?  He disposed of it. Later that night, I was turning on the lights for the patio/pool, and what do I see next to the window by the sliding door to the patio? Another big black & red Tarantula! All came to see it and my Mum & Son were not freaked out, they thought it was neat. Anyway, they are pretty much harmless unless they feel threatened, then they sort of go up on their back legs and expose their fangs. They can scurry super fast, but really they aren’t around to try and hurt us, they just come out when it gets damp, I read up on them after we saw the red & black one and I was reassured. You can even hold them in the palm of your hand, I have seen people on TV holding the Orange & Black Variety.

There is some amazing living things here, from plants to flowers to birds, and yes, insects. It would appear that all living things thrive here, because everything seems very healthy and large.  I just don’t like waking up and seeing such horrors early in the day, but I suppose I need to get used to it. I actually think bugs of all kinds are kind of neat, but I don’t like getting too close. Taking pix is fun though, you don’t have to be too close and there’s always the zoom lens!

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