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On March 16, 2014 I was notified by WordPress: “Happy Anniversary!  You registered on 2 years ago!” I think about a lot of anniversaries during the first four months of each year: Twenty-one years ago during this month of April is when these mental/emotional health issues I didn’t realize I had emerged full-force after […]

My Outer Limit

For a while I’ve been wanting to write about an amazing change God has transpired within me.  I decided not to since it concerns my neighbor(s) and I don’t want to write about them.  They’re in the past and that’s where I want to leave them. Nevertheless, this urge would not go away.  Within this […]

Stream Of Consciousness

There certainly have been a lot of changes taking place inside me.  I’ve wanted to write about everything, but it seems I find I don’t have the time to put into my writing as I have had in the past. It’s funny to hear those words in my head, because when I did have the […]

Letting Go

I’ve thought, prayed, used my best sister as a sounding board and had Scripture online verify it  just a few minutes after I’d made my decision regarding something that happened in my past and forever altered my life. “Remember not the former things nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; […]

Shouldn’t The Words Begin To Flow?

I have been wanting to write about a particular subject from the time I started this blog two years ago.  I would not even make an attempt because I knew if I wrote about this I’d hurt family members who follow my blog.  I wouldn’t intentionally hurt them, so I did my best to let […]

Never Explain, Never Complain

How often have you heard that quote?  How often have you read it or variations of it?  I have no idea who first said it, but I know it’s good advice. I saw something on the net that said you should never try explaining because people only hear what they want to hear. It’s been […]

Loss And Sorrow

Today, Monday, January 13, 2014 has been a day of loss and sorrow.  I learned early this morning that one of my brother-in-laws had passed away.   I have run the gamut of emotions today from bawling my eyes out to laughing at a variety of things to anger back to laughing over something stupid […]

A San Francisco Cable Car And My Blog

I received a notification from WordPress about my blog for 2013.  For 2012 my blog was compared to Mt. Everest.  This time it’s compared to a San Francisco cable car.  I’ve never been to San Francisco so I’ll just have to take their word on it.  Here’s what they told me: “Crunchy numbers A San […]

Thursday: Tired and Triumphant

It has now been over two years since I found the two lumps in my breast.  For those who haven’t read my blog before now, the lumps were cancerous. Many ordeals later, the battle has been won.  I lost a breast and a few lymph nodes, but kept my life.  Not a bad trade-off in […]

“Homeland” Portrayal Of A Bipolar Individual

I don’t own a TV and haven’t for many years.  When I was able to afford to get on the internet a few years back on my laptop I’d had for about two years, I was so excited to learn there were places to watch movies and TV shows.  I was also shocked when I […]