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Force Fields

In 1948, Kurt Lewin published a book called Resolving Social Conflicts. And in that book he applies a simple concept from mechanical physics to describe how social equilibrium works. I’m sure you are all familiar with ‘for every force there is an equal and opposite force’. It is Newton’s third law of motion. Kurt Lewin […]

On Rationality

A lot of people like to mention that suicide is irrational, but I disagree. I should clarify; I am not saying that it is rational (although I’ll get to that in a bit); I’m saying it doesn’t matter either way. Is smoking rational? What about eating pizza or drinking pop or shooting heroin? What is […]

Fill Me Up Again

I feel like I am getting hollowed out, slowly, by the spoonful. My chest longs to be filled, and before much more time has passed I will feel the emptiness down to my ankles. There is a perceivable gap between my organs. My lungs inflate into nothing. My heart pumps blood through a vastness that […]


Imagine adversity as a giant boulder. And as you walk on through your life, you occasionally come across a boulder. What do you do? As far as I see it, you have three options: You can ignore it This is the worst choice. Don’t do this. If you ignore that boulder, it will probably just […]

All In

Poker is a fascinating game for one reason only: the cards you are dealt are only part of the strategy to winning. It is true that in all card games, a good player can make a hand play better than it is. However, in poker, you can win with absolutely nothing in your hand, and […]

The Nudge

There is a lot of advice out there that are basically small things you can do that will give your life a little nudge into being healthier. The internet is full of ‘life hacks’ and quick tip guides and shortcuts to a better life. The premise is simple: do a handful of these little things […]

The Support Staff

I am of the opinion that going through a mental illness is at least equally difficult for the close family and friends as it is for the person experiencing the illness. That might sound surprising, but there are a lot of illnesses that are like that, like dementia, for instance. The reason I say this […]

Happy Drunk

This is just a short little update. Everyone is busy these next couple weeks so why not keep this short? I have pretty much eliminated drinking from my life. I haven’t quit by any means, but I have gotten to the point where I am able to have one or two and stop. I only […]

Going Cold

Have you ever listened to people talk about gambling? They would have you believe that cards or chips or coins or chairs have a special voodoo to them. No one seems to question the lunacy of saying that a machine or chair or table is “cold”, as if those things have any kind of determinism […]

23 and Me

A couple of months ago I was contacted by the genetics company 23 and Me to participate in a genetics study on bipolar. I have been talking to my wife for almost two years about doing the 23 and Me thing anyway, just because I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to have a […]