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One of the more curious aspects of my depression when it gets very deep and is sustained for awhile, is that I begin to feel very disconnected. I suppose you’ve heard that before, but allow me to explain further, maybe it isn’t quite what you think. You know those dreams that are so lifelike, so […]

View From A Height

I found myself standing on the purple and pink stool my daughter uses to wash her hands in the bathroom sink. I knew I would need a stool this time, it needed to be higher than last time. I also knew I needed to use a belt that would close tight with my weight, and […]

Seven Genes

The International Bipolar Foundation recently shared this article: And I found it pretty fascinating. Researchers have identified 7 genes that are related to insomnia. That alone is great news, as gene therapy becomes an ever more real way to treat mental illness. But they also found some interesting associations. Now, I should note that […]


There are a few words in the English lexicon that appear to draw a lot of power. Sport is a good one. Lots of things claim to be sports, and saying something isn’t a sport is often very controversial; so much so that pretty much anything type of physical competition is now considered a sport. […]

On Trial

So, I have both been avoiding this essay, and also chomping at the bit to publish it. This one is a difficult one, and I think suicide attempt survivors are united both in our visceral reaction to this story, and our opinion of what happened. You have probably all heard about this, but if you […]


“Perhaps [ideas] are, for instance, like some big salmon or trout. They are not born fully grown; they are not even born in the sea or water where they normally live. They are born hundreds of miles away from their home grounds, where the rivers narrow to tiny streams. Just as it takes time for […]


I have had two girlfriends in my past that listed my mental instability as part of the reason they ended it with me. I don’t believe either girl did, or ever would, leave me just because of that alone. There were, in both cases, plenty of reasons to end it anyway. But they did mention […]


Caffeine is known to induce anxiety in people. This side effect is pronounced in people that have a capacity for anxiety, but really it can have this effect on anyone. Anxiety is simply a common side effect of caffeine. When I was a kid I was told a lot of things about caffeine, that it […]


“Remember why you came and while you’re alive to experience the warmth before you go” – Incubus “The Warmth” I struggle on most days with my responsibilities at home. Parenthood is very difficult for me and something I feel like I’m getting worse at with each passing day. There are times when I get unreasonably […]

Hoarding It

“Maybe the life I think I’m living is a paranoid delusion…Sanity is a valuable possession; I hoard it the way people once hoarded money. I save it, so I will have enough, when the time comes.” ― Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale I first read The Handmaid’s Tale in high school. It was one of […]