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Hard to Remember

Something happened and I caught word that the Facebook link was broken yesterday, so I am reposting. If you read yesterday from Twitter, or the email link, or other blogging networks, or you just stop by the page every Monday, then the below essay is the same as yesterday’s regularly scheduled one. I apologize for […]

Hard to Remember

My son is now roughly the same age that my daughter was when I was hospitalized the last time and underwent ECT. The most terrible part of my experience  with that procedure actually happened in the many months that followed it, and that was realizing how much stuff I had forgotten. I would have conversations […]

Exit Light

I have been having a ton of dreams lately. I’ve said this on here before, but normally I never dream. If I have one dream a month, that is a lot. But last night was the first night in five consecutive nights that I didn’t dream at all. On top of that, I have had […]

Neck Pain

You ever wake up with a pain in the side of your neck? This seems to happen to me all the time. I end up spending the entire day with my head slightly tilted and unable to look over my shoulder. I never really realize how much I move my head until this happens. And […]

Force Fields

In 1948, Kurt Lewin published a book called Resolving Social Conflicts. And in that book he applies a simple concept from mechanical physics to describe how social equilibrium works. I’m sure you are all familiar with ‘for every force there is an equal and opposite force’. It is Newton’s third law of motion. Kurt Lewin […]

On Rationality

A lot of people like to mention that suicide is irrational, but I disagree. I should clarify; I am not saying that it is rational (although I’ll get to that in a bit); I’m saying it doesn’t matter either way. Is smoking rational? What about eating pizza or drinking pop or shooting heroin? What is […]

Fill Me Up Again

I feel like I am getting hollowed out, slowly, by the spoonful. My chest longs to be filled, and before much more time has passed I will feel the emptiness down to my ankles. There is a perceivable gap between my organs. My lungs inflate into nothing. My heart pumps blood through a vastness that […]


Imagine adversity as a giant boulder. And as you walk on through your life, you occasionally come across a boulder. What do you do? As far as I see it, you have three options: You can ignore it This is the worst choice. Don’t do this. If you ignore that boulder, it will probably just […]

All In

Poker is a fascinating game for one reason only: the cards you are dealt are only part of the strategy to winning. It is true that in all card games, a good player can make a hand play better than it is. However, in poker, you can win with absolutely nothing in your hand, and […]

The Nudge

There is a lot of advice out there that are basically small things you can do that will give your life a little nudge into being healthier. The internet is full of ‘life hacks’ and quick tip guides and shortcuts to a better life. The premise is simple: do a handful of these little things […]