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Going Cold

Have you ever listened to people talk about gambling? They would have you believe that cards or chips or coins or chairs have a special voodoo to them. No one seems to question the lunacy of saying that a machine or chair or table is “cold”, as if those things have any kind of determinism […]

23 and Me

A couple of months ago I was contacted by the genetics company 23 and Me to participate in a genetics study on bipolar. I have been talking to my wife for almost two years about doing the 23 and Me thing anyway, just because I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to have a […]

Rock Bottom

I hate the term “rock-bottom” and all of the sloppy metaphors that are associated with it. Here is the problem: you only know where the bottom was in retrospect. When you are at your lowest point, you honestly have no idea how much further down you can go. So that makes it nothing at all […]

The Haircut

I have eczema. I have had it ever since I can remember. I had always had a plethora of creams and shampoos around my house. I use soaps and detergents made for sensitive skin and all that jazz. I could do more. For instance, my deodorant is known to be very harsh on skin and […]


It is an extremely common thing for people who are around depressed people to feel like they have to walk on eggshells. People have said this to me many times: ‘oh, we didn’t want to mention it because we thought it would upset you’, or ‘I don’t even know how to approach you about this […]

Time for some B & R

Blame and Responsibility These two things drive a huge amount of the content people process in therapy. It is an incredibly difficult subject for almost every living person, but the lack of accurately attributing blame and responsibility often feels like the keystone in a mentally ill person’s psychology. I would like to note here that […]

In Crisis

With all the hurricanes and earthquakes and fires and everything happening lately, I have seen a lot of footage of people being rescued. You know the image: person lying in a stretcher, being placed into the back end of an ambulance; usually an oxygen mask on their face. They look hurt, but it is an […]


One of the more curious aspects of my depression when it gets very deep and is sustained for awhile, is that I begin to feel very disconnected. I suppose you’ve heard that before, but allow me to explain further, maybe it isn’t quite what you think. You know those dreams that are so lifelike, so […]

View From A Height

I found myself standing on the purple and pink stool my daughter uses to wash her hands in the bathroom sink. I knew I would need a stool this time, it needed to be higher than last time. I also knew I needed to use a belt that would close tight with my weight, and […]

Seven Genes

The International Bipolar Foundation recently shared this article: And I found it pretty fascinating. Researchers have identified 7 genes that are related to insomnia. That alone is great news, as gene therapy becomes an ever more real way to treat mental illness. But they also found some interesting associations. Now, I should note that […]