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For The Mentally Ill Folks Who Didn’t Think They’d Make It This Year

I’m hoping the person who needs this will read it.

Maybe being transgender wasn’t a mistake.

Maybe the pain of being transgender is not random chaos in the universe, but the pangs of a deeper awareness.

I was misdiagnosed as bipolar for 6 years. I’m only now getting my life back.

Some people have the impression that once a mentally ill person seeks out help, it's only a matter of time before things get better. But that's not always true.

You can care about social justice and care about your own happiness, too.

I've shared the "self-care isn't selfish" memes countless times, and yet here I am, struggling to give myself permission to be happy.

No, Cis People, Being Trans Is Not a Self-Esteem Issue

“I get it! Sometimes I hate my body too."

5 Awesome, Immediate Self-Care Resources For When You Feel Like Actual Garbage

Hi, do you feel like garbage? I have some suggestions for you.

7 Signs That Online Therapy Might Be Right For You

Somehow, in just a couple of weeks, I'd disclosed more to my online therapist than I had with my previous therapist that I'd worked with for over a year.

4 Ways Mentally Ill People Are Blamed For Their Struggles

We don’t deserve this. And we certainly didn’t ask for it.

4 Things the Queer Folks in My Life Taught Me About Resisting Toxic Masculinity

This community taught me not only what toxic masculinity demands of men and masculine people, but also the possibilities that exist outside of it.

My Least Favorite Obsession: Am I Making My Mental Illness Up?

It’s not logical… but OCD isn’t logical, either.