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#MHPD: Negative Thoughts

#MHPD: Schizophrenia

#MHPD: Personality Types Prone to Mental Ilness

#MHPD: Anxiety Disorder

Image Day for Mental Health

Today I will be blogging photos that I found that talks about Mental Illness. I loved these images because they either give good advice or just portrays mental illness in a better light. Please share these images today with the world and lets make someone’s day brighter! Hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram: #MENTALHEALTHPHOTODAY and share … blog post: Homework that Helps: Using CBT Workbooks to Reduce Anger

I have a new blog post over on I am a continuing contributor to the Share Your Story feature on The Good Therapy Blog. My previous article is Stigma: Come at Me, If You Can!

The Habit of Work

But before we really celebrate, I’ve played this game before and I know what happens next.. I’ll be a good employee for about a month, then I’ll start to hate waking up for work, then my mind will be on the side of quitting and then….unemployed again. How can I make sure that this time …

Happy MLK Jr. Day!

Interviews are just ticking time bombs

I got an interview for a job today at 1230. I’m excited but I’m feeling like I always do before an interview – confident, but wary. When it comes to me, you know that I’m not the best person to keep or maintain job relationships. I mean I’m a really good worker when I want …