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Dating Dilemmas for the Crazy; when to spill the beans.

Because day to day living isn’t hard enough to navigate with bipolar disorder or other SMI (serious mental illness) let’s add dating and see if you can manage a relationship […]

Ugly American?

When I was a little girl, I traveled quite a bit more than in recent years, lucky enough to go to England at 10 or 11 to visit my aunt, […]

Why ask Why? Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Why is the sky blue? Why do the flowers bloom? Why when I’m whiny and mad, do you send me to my room? Why, oh why ask why so much ? Why […]

How to Run Naked With Scissors..getting past who you are expected to be, to who you are meant to be

Running Naked with Scissors – it’s an attitude.  Know your abilities Test your limits  Be brave  Listen to your gut do what feels right take chances don’t quit Don’t apologize […]

Dear Ignorant Haters- how about you suck eggs?

Dear Ignorant Hater , I understand you are afraid of me and know that fear causes you to act a dick, attempting to make me feel less than you think […]

The Way Kids Think, (or is it just Bubbsy?)

The other day during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, sometime during a frantic morning meal, I was telling the kids the plan for the day, go to the […]

Resolve, It Isn’t Just for Carpets Anymore, Midafternoon Mental Moment

My parents and I had a conversation the other day. That in itself is not that newsworthy don’t misunderstand, I talk to my parents everyday.  It was notable in its content. […]

Dislike Unlike, Like Seriously? …a Mental Moment

Ho Ho Ho and Fa la la la la, de da de do do. That is my own made up version of Holiday carols.  I do that sometimes and it’s […]

Flash Fiction – Erratic

Heartbeat, erratic as drops of rain on the windows in the gloomy pre-dawn light, fingers tapping a beat on the blanket, she was unsure if they tried to follow the […]

Quick Mental Moment – Black Friday

Think about it .. Do you think the woman who.pushed her way past, or grabbed to get the last whatever.. yelled at the clerk and laid on tbe horn..knows the […]