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So I sent off a new story yesterday.  I enjoyed working on it and had fun putting it together.  Hopefully someone will pick it up. and I can get some exposure.

Getting ready to go out to eat with Bob and my youngest for lunch. We’re going to Fannin Mart for fried chicken and country vegetables. So we will enjoy that.

THis afternoon we are shipping out to Biloxi for the last dance competition of the season.  I’m still not looking forward to it but I am not filled with dread, either. We will see how everything goes.  I won’t be blogging while we’re gone, but that means I’ll only miss one day of it.  THat will be all right.

I have to refill some medicine before we leave and will do that on our way to lunch.  My knees are still pain free and that excites me every time I think about it.  No other way to explain it except that it is God doing a healing work in me.  So excited to be able to walk normally!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets in some relaxing time with family.

Feeling Better

Finally broke out of the low period and am back to feeling better.  Getting ready to pack for the dance competition and getting everything together for that.

Got up basically on time and have been rolling along.  DId laundry and what not this morning.  Haven’t done a lot of other stuff; just talked to Bob and it’s slow where he is too.  So we are waiting for him to come in for lunch.

Got my textbooks in the mail yesterday and will be looking through those soon and see if I can get any ideas from them for the class.  I am looking forward to classes starting and will see what all I can get done.  We will see how all that goes in August.

Need to run and do some things this afternoon.  Soon will be ready for lunch.  HOpe everyone has a great rest of the week!




Still Not Well

I got to feeling worse and worse as yesterday went on–I finally had to take a Xanax to get my thoughts to stop spinning around.  I feel some better today but not much.  I am getting ready to put all my new CD’s in the stereo and listen to them and see if I can cheer myself up.  I don’t know what the problem is.

Later this week we got to Biloxi for a dance competition.  I’m not looking forward to that– I am sick of the schedule for dance and do not want to go to three days of it.  I just hate it.

Next week I will be busy following up with doctors so that will keep me busy.  I just wish I knew what to do with myself the rest of the time.  I am so tired and sleepy; I had a bad night snoring and kept Bob up so that wasn’t any fun.

Maybe I should go ahead and take another Xanax in case it kicks back up again.  We will see.



Dont’ know why I’m so tired and out of sorts, but I am.  I don’t feel right at all.  I finally dragged myself out and went to the grocery store and got meals for the week, but I’m not feeling the least bit accomplished in doing it.  I just want to go back to bed.  I havent’ felt quite like this in a while, and I dont’ know what brought it on.

I’m seriously wondering about my motivation to teach.  I want to do something, but I’m just not sure what anymore.   I’m just not looking forward to getting back into the classroom and facing down a bunch of students who don’t care. I have 27 so far, which I think is the most I’ve ever had in a classroom since State.  It’s not hard to teach the material; the biggest issue is making them care enough to learn it.  I hoped if I got back into a four-year school that I would have more students on the ball and caring about their grades.  But maybe college students have really changed for the worse since I did this last.

I need to record my vlog if I’m going to continue doing it.  I just wish I felt better. Hope everyone else has a good week.




Shipped Out

So my middle one is shipped out on her way back to college. My youngest and I are waiting on her friend to come over to spend the night.  I had a wonderful breakfast of fresh watermelon, and it tasted soo good.  I actually woke up at a decent hour and am staying awake so far.  So that is good as well.

Found a closet conservative in my MFA program yesterday.  I’ve seen him posting on Facebook some things and I just finally asked him about it in Messenger and we talked a bit about how we both avoid politics for the most part in class so as to get along better.  Our classes aren’t very political so it’s not hard to do so.

Talked with a new girl in the program who is bipolar as well.  She had been posting mental health advocacy things and I told her I was bipolar and she responded that she was too.  So we conversed about that a little bit.  I told her about the disability accommodations program and she said she would follow up on it.  So we will see how she does.

Got some work to do before the friend comes over so I need to get to that.  Hope everyone has a great weekend–we’ll be hosting Bob’s birthday and will be going on from there.



Rush, Rush

So my middle child discovered this morning about mid-morning that she actually reports to college tomorrow instead of Saturday.  So she is madly packing stuff that she meant to pack tomorrow at a more leisurely pace.  I’ve offered to help but she seems to know what she wants to do and is taking care of it herself.

Got a note that I’ll be having a conference call with the publisher for my novella on Sunday August 5.  I’ll either leave church early or skip it. Haven’t decided.  But we will see how it goes.

My oldest survived the Fourth of July, her first holiday at Disney.  She calls every once in a while to let us know how she is doing so that is nice.  She still seems to be enjoying it and going there as a guest once a week on her days off.  Today she is networking with some other chefs from her resort, playing around in the Magic Kingdom.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  I’m coping as well as can be expected this week.  I will miss my middle one but it will be okay.  She is moving on with her life, which is what we want them to do.



Fourth of July

It’s been a fun day so far.  We slept in and went and had barbeque for lunch at Pig and Pint.  My middle one had never been so she enjoyed that.  Then we went and bought a watermelon at the farmer’s market and came back home.   Then we watched the Labyrinth with David Bowie, which my youngest and I had never seen.  So that was interesting as well.  Now they’re playing a card game and I am just hanging out checking all my message centers.   Nothing particularly patriotic, but we have enjoyed the togetherness of the day and everything.

My youngest has a friend coming over Friday to spend the night and that is about all the plans I have for the rest of the week.  So we don’t have too much going on.  I need to start on working at my syllabus and ordering my books.  I suppose I could see if the books are available now since I have a coupon for 10% of orders from Barnes and Noble.  We will see.

Days like today I forget I am bipolar. It has been such a good day so far.  I will sign on and try to order my textbooks real quick before my coupon expires.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.



Feels Like Monday

I dont’ know what is going on, but I am sleepy and tired all over again.  I want to go back to sleep and see if it helps me perk up for tonight.  I don’t know.

Not much going on today.  I went to see Tillie for therapy today and didnt’ really talk about anything impactful–we’re moving to every other week so that is a good thing I think.  I suppose she thinks I am making progress.

I really do feel like a slug.  I want to go back to bed.  I actually woke up with Bob this morning but didn’t get up good until a little after seven-thirty.  I just want to see something fun to do.  I have things I need to do but nothing really fun on the horizon to look forward to.

My youngest read another book and got another prize so that was nice.  I hope she is starting to enjoy reading more–she is certainly not protesting it like she used to.

Hopefully everyone can have a safe and happy Fourth of July.  Thanks for reading!


Good Time

was had by all in Natchez.  We just visited historical sites and interesting places and took it easy the rest of the time. I’m certainly glad my knees healed in that I was able to take the stairs and look at so many interesting things.  Our B&B we were at had no elevator so we were on the second floor and had to take steps, which didn’t hurt me!  It was hard to remember to take them normally because I got so used to doing them the other way.  But we enjoyed ourselves and I think did something really good for our relationship as well.

Came back to two happy campers which was nice also.   The girls got along well in the time we were gone and spent some time with their grandfather too, which was good. No fighting or anything that we know of so we feel good about that as well.

Came back to news of my novella–the release date has been pushed to November 1 which is okay with me.  I’m looking forward to seeing it and I’m supposed to receive payment sometime this week so that is good as well.  Now if I could just get something else accepted soon I would be very happy with that.

Hope everyone has a good  start to their week.

Just About Ready

to go on my trip.  I just need to pick up a bottle of medication and gas the car up before we go this afternoon. I’m so looking forward to it.

When we get back I need to start getting ready for school in earnest–ordering my books and redoing my syllabus.  I am going to add in five new authors on my syllabus and need to select them as soon as I can and add them in at the end.

My middle one is getting sick and has gone out after a Dayquil/Nyquil combo pack to get her well this weekend–I hope it works for her.  She sounds scratchy.

My small one is reading for a little while this morning and we will see how long she sticks to it before asking if she can quit :).  I have in mind how long I want her to read but will wait and see how long it takes her to remember that she doesn’t like to do it and ask :).

My mood  is holding stable and I think things are going really well in that department.  I have been in the Word a lot since I got out of Psycamore and I think that reading it is helping me get an eternal perspective on things instead of just a day-to-day, getting-through-the day mindset.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!