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Another Snow Day

that it didn’t start snowing on until about thirty minutes ago at our place. But it had snowed early this morning in other places so they called school off.  My little one is glad for the extra day off but is doing laundry since there’s not enough to play in yet.

Talked to my parents who live north of us and they have a good covering of snow, my dad said.  It’s supposed to snow all day and all night, according to the weatherpeople.

I think I’ll be able to continue 46Reasonswhynot after all.  I’ve talked to some more people about writing lists and hopefully they will come through in time.  I have one more list to start next week then will just have to wait and see if more come in. I’ve reminded one person to finish theirs and talked two other people hopefully into doing a list and am waiting on one guy that said he should have it done February 1.  So we will see.

Turned in my fiction exercise and my workshop piece.  I am  on pins and needles about the workshop piece–it’s the original short story version of Hurricane Baby and I hope I get some good feedback on it. We will see what happens.

Hope everyone has a good week and stays warm!




We’re Going to Disney World!

Specifically, my oldest won a CULINARY INTERNSHIP to Disney World!  She will work there from June 4 to December 6 as an intern with the chance at a full-time job offer at the end of it.  We are all beyond excited about this opportunity for her to move into the culinary industry after she finishes her degree May 10.  She has time to be home and organize her life for the next chapter.

Even if she doesn’t get a full-time job there–the experience with them will be a great entrée to wherever else she might want to go.  So we are excited and happy and proud and will help her move and then enjoy the park ourselves for a couple of days while she settles in.  WE know the opportunity is the results of prayer and grace from God and are working to share that good news with as many people as we can.

In other news, our middle one is settling into her new internship in Georgia and seems to have made friends with the other interns so that is good.  The youngest has started school again and so have I, so we are rocking along together on course work and what not.  Soon we start the competition dance stuff and that will be not so much fun, but it is the way it is right now.

I have hit the halfway mark in January still sending stuff out to be published everyday. I doubt I can keep this up all year, but I will go as long as I can sending everything out I can.  Trying not to spend too much money submitting as well, looking for the free places to send and trying places that look hospitable for it.  We will see how this strategy works.

SO what big news do any of you have to kick off the start of a new year?  Feel free to share in the comments.



Had a good writing day yesterday. We have to do exercises in my fiction class and we had one out of  a book that sounded boring as everything.  But in the discussion thread for our class reading, the author we read compared making a story anthology to making a mixtape and talked about the confusing things that used to happen when landlines were the only means of telephoning people.  A girl in my class proposed an exercise where we write about mixtapes and landlines, doing 1000 words.

So the instructor picked up on the energy of the class on the idea and made it an alternate assignment of 700-1000 words–and when I quit yesterday,  I was 725 words in.  That may be as long as it gets, but I really, really enjoyed doing it.  I was happy to have a new idea.

I don’t know how much longer I will be able to keep up the 46ReasonsWhyNOt website.  I am reaching the end of a list and have only one list left with another person who promised to do one by February 1.  Most of the people who agreed to do one either explicitly dropped out or just haven’t done it.  If anyone reading  wants to make a list of reasons to continue on in this life even when you don’t want to, drop me a note in the comments and we will work something out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Almost Forgot

that i was supposed to go to the food pantry today. Got there just in time to start handing out food.  We had a big crowd to help today but a big crowd of volunteers to help out also.  So that was good.

Turned in my response to the reading today before I left.  I hope it works for the assignment.  I talked about how what ties together all my stories finally became clear to me just recently.  So that was a good feeling and gave me something good to talk about that related to the reading.

Getting close to when we should be hearing about my oldest one’s job prospect with Disney.  I so hope she gets it.  But of course, you feel like the longer they wait to contact you, the less chance it is that it’s you they want.  SO I am praying she  will hear something today and she will at least know where she stands.

My youngest one has a weekend-long church event starting tomorrow, and I am looking forward to some quality time with Bob.  WE’re going to have to figure out something to do together o keep us busy while we have no children in the house.   I think we will manage.  I hope she has an uplifting time and enjoys it.

Hope everyone has a good end to their week and that you all have a good weekend!

Fiction Workshop

So today is the start of class for my MFA program.  I’ve logged on and done an introduction of myself and I’ve read the reading for this week and will comment on it tomorrow.  Found out that AGAIN a professor added a book late so I had to order it this morning and hope it will come in on time.

I’m excited for the semester. I have no idea what I’m going to turn in for work but am excited nonetheless.  Half the  people in the class I know and half I don’t so it will be interesting to work with some of the same people again and different ones as well.  Three people in the class are brand-new to the program too so that will be interesting.

Had a good visit yesterday with Katrina in my program.  She is finishing up her thesis this year as are several that came in with me.  I think the last one besides me will finish in December.  Then it will just be me from the inaugural class plodding along until I finish.  I hope I can stay in touch with her and keep being friends.  We just knew each other before this program and I think we can now be friends.  WE will see.

Hope everyone else starting new endeavors stays as excited as I am!  GOod luck for the week to us all!


So Now We Wait

My oldest had her interview yesterday with Disney World and then got a follow-up email saying she would know their decision by Friday.  So she has the rest of the week to pray and hope.  She said she felt the interview could have gone better, but she was satisfied that she had done the best she could.

I am meeting my friend Katrina for lunch today.  Hopefully it won’t rain on us.  We’re meeting at Rooster’s and I’m likely to have a hamburger with a jalapeno and cheese bun.  I love those.

I am almost over my sinus infection except for excessive snoring due to what little congestion I have left.    Bob said I sounded pretty bad last night.  But I feel fine so don’t think going back to the doctor will help.  I’ll just try a nose strip and see if that helps.

I see Tillie two weeks from today so that will go well I think.  I don’t see anything really on the horizon that should knock me for a loop anytime soon.  There’s always my father-in-law’s health, but he seems to be in a stable place right now.  I’ve got a little while before we hit my danger zone time so I am hoping that nothing will come of that this year.




New Good News

I did get good news this weekend–a fiction piece I had sent in for a conference paper was selected for a fiction panel at the Mississippi Philogical Association.  I asked around and there will be a small contingent of MUW people there so that will be nice to see some people again.  Don’t have a schedule yet but I doubt we’re reading on the same panels–one girl did nonfiction, I did fiction, and another guy did poetry.  But I will do my best to attend the whole conference to support them by listening.

I’ve stumbled into a New Year’s resolution.  So far I have sent of one submission per day since New Years Day.  I think I am going to continue this as long as I can find places to submit to through the whole year.  Surely someone somewhere will like what I do if I sent it out to enough places.  Hopefully I will also be creating new work in my workshop and have those to send around as well as what I haven’t been able to sell so far.

My oldest has her interview this morning at ten and my middle one starts her actual job today so I am praying for both of them this morning. I am praying for them to find favor in the eyes of these people and for God’s will to be done in their lives.  I’m looking forward to seeing how far they can go!

Hope everyone has a good start to their week and that your New Year is still bright and shiny!



Good and Bad News

My oldest got good news yesterday after her phone interview–she has another phone interview with a chef on Monday for her internship after she finishes school.  I, on the other hand, did not have enough students sign up for my class where I taught last semester so will not be working this semester.  Maybe it will all turn out for the best.

The oldest ships out back to school tomorrow.  And I start classes in the course I’m taking on Wednesday.  So there is some excitement still going on.  I have no idea what I’m going to write on this semester for fiction–last semester I had two ideas already percolating but not this time.


House Cleaning

I finally feel better enough to do actual cleaning today.  I got help with it today–Candy and Christy are here now that I have things sorted out and the Christmas stuff down.  So that is a good feeling.

My oldest has a phone interview today for an internship after she finishes school this spring. We will see how it all goes.

Bob is on his way home after putting the middle one in her apartment in Georgia.  He seems to be having an easy trip so far and traveling well.

I switched out purses yesterday and am enjoying my new black one.  I had to go through all the junk in it and throw stuff away.  That was fun.  But it needed to be done with a  New Year and getting out all my tax stuff.

My mood is steadily improving.  I am so glad to not be sick any more. But I am still tired somewhat.  It is so cold here it is so tempting to just get back in bed to stay warm in the house.  But I am working to avoid that.   We will see what happens.

Hope everyone has a good day and a good rest of the week.


Shipped Out

The past few days have been a whirlwind of packing, but it all got done.  So my middle daughter shipped out to her new home in Georgia today to start her job tomorrow.  My husband went with her to unpack and he comes back tomorrow.  i got up at 6:30 a.m. to see them off and tell her to be good and be safe.  The house is very quiet without the two of them  The other two are cleaning their rooms.  WE have Elvis Presley gospel music going  and are all caught up in what we are doing.

I talked to my department head yesterday and he said while he hopes I will get more students, he will let the class go on even if I don’t.  So I may have only under ten students this semester.  That will be different.  But I do hope a few more show up.

My mood seems to be holding well so far.  i am still getting over the sinus infection, but I feel tons better that I did this time last week.  My oldest daughter leave for her last semester of college on Saturday so we will see how that goes.  I am praying for her to line up a good job after graduation and see what her future brings.  i have made it well except for the physical sickness this break and  I think she enjoyed her last Christmas at home.

I start classes teaching on Monday and my fiction workshop on Tuesday so I am looking forward to all of that.  I am expecting great things this semester from myself. I have so  many things in circulation that something has to stick and publish this year.  i can’t wait.